SJC science student standing in laboratory.

Science, Math, & Engineering

Do you have excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills? Or maybe you’re that special combination of analytical and creative. If either of these sounds like you, then a career in science, math, or engineering may be a great fit. We have 15 degree and certificate options available, including Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Drafting, General Science, Geographic Information Systems Technology, Geology, Mathematics, Pre-Mortuary Science, and Small Unmanned Ariel Systems.

Our degree and certificate programs are designed to either provide you with a solid foundation to transfer to a four-year institution or begin work in your chosen field. 

Science, Math, & Engineering Degrees and Certificates

Abstract of human genomeGain the foundational principles needed to pursue a career in fields requiring biology with an AS degree. Courses will introduce specialties within the field of biology and prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution.

Biology Degree, AS

Chemist working with petri dishesConceive and design processes involved in chemical manufacturing. Chemical engineers design and troubleshoot processes for the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, fuels, and more. Our AS in Chemical Engineering was developed in collaboration with New Mexico State Univeristy’s College of Engineering to provide all of the courses in the first two years of their four-year program.

Chemical Engineering Degree, AS

Beaker and variety of laboratory containers.Gain the foundational principles needed to pursue a career in fields requiring chemistry with an AS degree. Courses will introduce specialties within the field of chemistry and prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution or find employment as a chemical technician.

Chemistry Degree, AS

Person looking through drafting tool.Start your career as a civil or mechanical drafter with an AAS degree or certificate. Learn to create working drawings, computer simulations, topographical relief maps, and working diagrams of machinery and mechanical devices.

Drafting Certificate

Mechanical Drafting and Design, AAS, and Civil Drafting and Design, AAS

Engineering studentsTake the first steps to become a mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, or aerospace engineer with an AS in Engineering. Your associate degree will prepare you to transfer to New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico, or New Mexico Tech as a junior.

Engineering Degree, AS

GIS radio lying on top of map.Geographic information is used in diverse industries to make effective analytical decisions. Learn how to collect, manage, and analyze geographic information with an associate of applied science degree or certificate.

Geographic Information Systems Technology Certificate

Geographic Information Systems Technology Degree, AAS

Amethyst CrystalLearn the composition, processes, and history of the earth. Our Associate of Science in Geology will prepare you to transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Geology program at a four-year university.

Geology Degree, AS

Abstract of earthTurn your love of math into a career with an Associate of Science in Mathematics. Career opportunities for math majors include actuary, statistician, health sciences, and education.

Mathematics Degree, AS

Flower arrangement lying on casket.Prepare for a career in funeral services. Through our certificate program, you’ll complete the general education and pre-requisite course requirements for the Associate of Applied Science in Mortuary Science at Arapahoe Community College. 

Pre-Mortuary Science Certificate

Drone flying through sky at sunsetEnter the exciting and thriving industry of drone technology. With an associate degree or certificate from this program, you’ll be prepared to complete the FAA Part 107 exam and qualify for employment as a SUAS pilot, operator, observer, sensor operator, or operations administrator. You’ll also learn how to build and maintain drones.

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Certificate

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Degree, AAS

Science, Math, & Engineering Non-Degree Program

Space photoGo on a cosmic journey, exploring the mysteries of the universe and unveiling the wonders of celestial bodies. From studying distant galaxies to investigating our own solar system, prepare to embark on an awe-inspiring adventure that will expand your knowledge of the cosmos and ignite your curiosity about the vastness of space.